About Us

Mandisa is a Toronto-based designer who started GDWN., a streetwear brand named after her grandfather, in 2021. Back in 2016 she launched a clothing line, Sashay, which she ran for a couple years before closing it to peruse other career opportunities.

Mandisa loves sneakers and has a sneaker collection that goes up in number every couple of weeks. She started GDWN. initially making reversible buckets hats for women to be able to pair them with their favourite sneakers. The brand has since evolved to now include apparel as well.

In February 2022, less than a year of starting GDWN., Mandisa was awarded a Black Designers of Canada Award of Excellence and weeks later GDWN. was featured on Breakfast Television, Canada’s #1 morning show..

With her love of fashion and sneakers, two fashion diplomas under her belt and 10+ years in the retail world, she is back and ready to share the dope designs that have lived rent free in her mind for years!